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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Best month to visit Ranthambhore ?

November to April. Although park opens from October till June.

Sighting tiger in summer is comparatively higher than it is in winter.

However, Summer months (May June) has the highest chances of spotting, simply due the summer heat dries up most of the watering holes and hence tigers are forced to be out in search of water.

2.) Apart from tiger, other animals i can see in Ranthambhore ?

  • Leopard, Caracal, Jungle Cat and Rusty Spotted Cat
  • Crocodile, Sloth Bear, Fox, Jackal, Wolf, Wild Dog, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, Common Indian Mongoose and Striped Hyena
  • 320 species of birds (both resident and migratory)
  • 35 species of reptiles
  • Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Blue Bull, Chinkara and Wild Boar
  • Over 40 species of mammals
  • NOTE : All the above are found all over the park and are not restricted to a specific zone.

3.) Are your safari prices per day ?

NO, it's per visit.
As simple as that, X times you visit, multiply that amount by X.

For Gypsy, it is per Gypsy (maximum 6 individuals)
For Canter, it is per individual

4.) Best zone for tiger sighting ?

There are total 10 zones, and frankly no zone is bad. All are good and takes you to the heart of the park.

Zones are alloted randomly to every Gypsy/Canter.

5.) Can i choose my zone ?

No. you can't. You would be allocated any zone from 1 – 10.

One more relaxation is : you have to pay extra amount of 10000 INR for guaranteed zone no. 1 to 5

6.) Chances of spotting tiger ?

It's all depends on various factors like your luck + climate + situation + morning or afternoon session

Tigers are shy and an elusive animals and tiger sighting is a matter of chance and depends on visibility, climate, prey density, territory specifications, last sighting, alarm calls, presence of scavengers indicating a kill etc.

In simple, in 2 3 visits, there is a 90% guarantee to spot a tiger for sure.

7.) Best safari session : MORNING or AFTERNOON ?

Mornings are better during summers and evenings are better during winters. Best is when sun is not on it's peak; i.e. early mornings or late evenings.

8.) Timings for safari ?

Two sessions per day. One is in morning and the other one is in afternoon.

Timings differ throughout the year depending on the sunrise and sunset. Tentative timings as per officials are :

1st October – 31st October
Morning 7 – 10:30 AM
Afternoon 14:30 – 18 PM

1st November – 31st January
Morning 7 – 10:30 AM
Afternoon 14 – 17:30 PM

1st February – 31st March
Morning 6:30 – 10 AM
Afternoon 14:30 – 18 PM

1st April- 15th May
Morning 6 – 9:30 AM
Afternoon 15 – 18:30 PM

16th May – 30th June
Morning 6 – 9:30 AM
Afternoon 15:30 – 19 PM

9.) Children(s) also charged for booking ?

Age above 5, then will be charged same as an adult.

Below or at age of 5, it's free, no charges and ticket is not compulsory to take. However, children then have to sit on guardian's lap. No seat will be provided then in case of canter.

10.) Best way to reach Ranthambhore ?

It is situated in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, about 110 kms. north east of Kota and 140 kms. south east of Jaipur, which is also the nearest airport. The nearest town and railway station is at Sawai Madhopur, about 11 kms away.

From Agra, distance by road is around 280 kms.

This town lies on the main Delhi - Mumbai train route and has excellent train connections with all the major cities and stations in India.

11.) Best mode of exploring safari - GYPSY or CANTER ?

Both vehicles are good. Gypsy are more personal, more expensive and less noisy in comparison with Canters (Open top roof bus). Gypsy are better for smaller groups (4-6 persons) and for special interest visitors, such as photographers, birders etc. For larger groups (10 to 20 persons) Canters are actually better than taking 2-3 Gypsy.


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